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Importance of a Building Inspector in a Housing Boom!

The advantages of getting a building inspection in Perth before buying or selling a home. 


What is a housing boom? This is when house prices rise because of increased demand until they eventually fall. 

In other words, Perth realty becomes more expensive than it is worth during a boom. This can be either to your advantage, or to your disadvantage, depending on what course of action you choose. 

One thing is certain: you don’t want to plunge into a boom all by yourself. You’ll need guidance and patience. A Perth building inspector will be your best friend if you want to sell or purchase a property during this period. 


Choosing the Right Home 


We all know that during a housing boom, houses are overpriced. 

If you’re not careful, you might end up paying much more for your house than it is worth.  

It is important that you don’t wait until the market bubbles if your goal is to buy a Perth house in a boom. To avoid spending too much money on a house that is not built to your standards, it’s important to get a pre-purchase building inspection in Perth. 

Good and bad properties are often more expensive than the market average, and you’ll want to avoid choosing the wrong option. A building inspector is an essential asset, whether you are buying a home or a commercial building. 


Common Problems Found in New Houses 


Two types of defects exist in real estate. Patent and latent. The first is issues that are easy to detect, even for the untrained eye. This could include damaged plasterboard or broken windows. 

The latter refers to defects that are hidden and difficult to spot by non-professionals, such as building and pest inspectors. Leakage of shower flashings, roof leaks, or subsidence are all examples. 

These are some of the most common issues that can be found during a Perth building inspection: 

  • Structural problems, such as foundation cracks and improper grading or poor framing, 
  • Drainage and grading problems can lead to water and structural damage. 
  • Window leaks 
  • Problems with electrical wiring include open grounds, incorrectly wired outlets, and missing switch plates. 
  • There are many plumbing issues that can arise, including problems with hot and cold faucets, improperly piped fixtures, leaks, etc. 


Advantage for Negotiations 


When you are buying a house in a housing crisis, you will want to save as much as possible. If you want to find a great deal on any home you like, there are many things that will help. 

After a Perth building inspection, a detailed report is created that describes the buildings and their features. You’ll be able to see the strengths as well as the weaknesses. This report can be a great asset as it will show the home seller the issues, you’re willing to live with when buying a home. 

It is possible to get a seller to lower their price or offer you a better deal. Only certified building inspectors can give you detailed and reliable building reports. Premium pre-purchase inspections in Perth will provide you with a report within 24 hours. By booking in with Inspect My Property, you will have all the necessary advantages. 


Affordable Repairs 


Unfortunately, there may be some repairs that need to be made after purchasing a house. You’ll discover that not all houses are perfect. However, you will be able to pick your favourite. Some houses require extensive repairs, while others may only need some minor work done.  

Thanks to the detailed Perth pre-purchase inspection report our team will provide you with, you can estimate how much it will cost to repair your house so that you can choose the least expensive option. 

The potential for finding quality workers to fix your home can be an added barrier. This could cause you to overpay for poor work that could ruin your house. 

Building inspectors have the responsibility of recommending experts who can work on your house. These contractors can take any building that you purchase and transform it into your dream house. 

One of the worst times to buy a house is during a housing boom, and therefore you don’t want it to be your only option. With a premium pre-purchase building inspection in Perth, you will not regret your decision. 

Not Just for Buyers 


Many people believe that a structural building inspection in Perth is only for those who are interested in purchasing a property. However, a building inspection in Perth can be very beneficial if your intention is to sell your house. 


You Can Resolve Any Problems Before Selling 


The obvious benefit to having your house inspected before you sell it is that you can identify and fix any problems. It doesn’t matter if your house has a pest, plumbing, or electrical issue. You should address these defects before you list your home. This will ensure that you don’t get any unpleasant surprises if a buyer finds problems in their pre purchase inspection. 


It Can Increase the Value of Your Home 


A structural building inspection in Perth will highlight your home’s strengths and help you attract potential buyers. The inspection report will show buyers that the house is pest-free and ready to move in. 

You can also list any upgrades that you have made to the property. This adds value to the buyer. Many people will find it reassuring to know that you have put in the effort to improve the property. 


It Can Help You Sell Faster 


It’s much easier for buyers to decide if they already have all the necessary information about your property. You can still reach a deal even if you don’t resolve the issues before you sell, since you have disclosed all the information. However, you should expect a lower value for every issue with your house. 


Get Your Property Professionally Inspected 


Don’t judge a book by its cover. A new home might look perfect to the naked eye, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is flawless below the surface. 

An experienced professional can inspect your property thoroughly to uncover any problems. It will enable you to make informed decisions based on facts. With our building inspection report, you will get an honest assessment and report on the condition and value of your property. 

On the other side of the table, property inspections before you list your property can provide you, the seller with many benefits. This will give you a good idea of the current condition of the property and allow you to plan for future repairs or replacement costs. 

You’ll be armed with an accurate assessment of the property’s market value and condition before you go to sell it. Unexpected discoveries made by buyers during property inspections can be eliminated with ease. All these advantages can help to increase your buyer base and speed up the transaction. 

Inspect My Property provides structural building inspections in Perth and pest inspections across Western Australia. Book your inspection today.