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Building Inspections and Electrical Safety

Are you looking to buy an established home?

An inspection of the ceiling space is an essential part of completing your pre-purchase building inspection in Perth. There is a requirement by law for any trades in Western Australia to turn the main power off before entering the roof space of any property. This includes inspectors completing pre-purchase building inspections.

If you are looking to book an inspection please note, inspectors will need access to the main electrical switchboard and many are locked, requiring a key to open. If you are not home, make sure you have communicated access instructions to the inspector prior to them visiting your property.

Please remember, when a building inspector cannot switch the power off, we cannot access the ceiling area. Therefore, a return visit will need to be planned and this will result in an additional fee.

When’s the right time to get an electrical safety inspection?

When buying a new home

We encourage you to investigate the electrical components of any home you are purchasing. It is imperative to identify any potential faults that need attention, to avoid huge bills down the road. Safety should be your number one priority, yet this is easy to overlook.

After a  big storm

A second occasion to consider getting an electrical safety test by a building inspector is  after a big storm. Our storms can get really crazy during the winter time, and sometimes big weather and the electrical surges and power cuts that come with it can burn through cabling or fry fuses. We can test your smoke alarms, install surge protectors, circuit breakers and safety switches (RCDs), and check water damaged appliances and wiring after.

Live in a home with DIY wiring 

Do you suspect some DIY wiring has been implemented in your home’s past? It could be wise to have an inspection carried out. We can test your home quickly and efficiently, and provide a full electrical safety review once we are done. 

At Inspect My Property, we it is our priority to bring light to your inspections: 

  • Smoke Alarm Installation & Repair
  • RCD & Safety Switches Installation & Repair
  • NBN Repair & Restoration
  • Network Installations
  • Lifetime Warranty On Workmanship
  • Outstanding Customer Service

Get in touch with Inspect My Property today for all your building inspection needs in Perth. We look forward to assisting you with your pre-purchase inspection.