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Buying A Brick Home? Why We Check for Weep Holes

Are you looking to buy a brick home? Then you may want to inspect the weep holes of the property. Weep holes exist in brick veneer walls, as a waterproof method to endure the varying seasons throughout the year. Weep holes are porous due to tiny spaces through which liquid and air can pass. 


What are two purposes for weep holes? 


#1 Drainage:

Condensation, capillary action, accidental flooding and water damage need a route to escape our homes. Introducing weep holes! We commonly see water flowing from weep holes. 


#2 Ventilation of the internal wall cavity:

Without ventilation in a home, dampness moisture, dry rot and mildew will accumulate. This will reduce the life of internal walls along with the building materials of the home. Without proper ventilation, we risk the possibility of leaks and mould build-up. 


Pests and weep holes 


If your weep holes are left unchecked and unprotected, they can provide a gateway of access to the wall cavity for insects and rodents. Through our inspections in the past, it is not uncommon to see bees and wasps creating nests inside wall cavities. Other pests that love to creep in through weep holes can include, snakes, cockroaches, and spiders. Weep holes are a great way to find food and refuge for critters. Another issue is field mice as they make a track through the weep holes, looking for warmth. 

People as a result decide to block weep holes with steel wool, scourer pads, plastic, rolled-up paper and silicone sealants. However, some manufactured guards, barriers, and weep hole covers have also been designed with holes too small to allow enough ventilation. 


What do the Australian Standards stipulate? 


3700-2011 Section 4.7.2 Weepholes:


Weep holes shall be provided wherever it is necessary to drain moisture from or through masonry construction. Where flashings are incorporated in the masonry, weep holes shall be provided in the masonry course immediately above the flashing, at centres not exceeding 1200 mm. In the pictures above, weep holes are not visible above the windows. Weep holes are required for any window wider than 1m where there is no overhang or the roof overhang is not three times the distance between the top of the window and the bottom of the roof.


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